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Ocean Rescue- MA thesis project

For my MA degree thesis, I chose a topic about philanthropy in the game industry. In my thesis I analyzed the current state of the game industry and if the industry participates in any form of charity. The result of this study is a game concept that should have a philanthropic character as well as be capable of success.

Ocean Rescue is a free-to-play endless runner in which you play as a turtle (or another aquatic animal) and try to avoid all of the pollution as well as collect resources that help you clean the ocean and unlock new animals and regions. The player can buy gems (and later bundles or decorations for cleaned regions) or watch ads to escalate their progress. A percentage of all profits and full profits of special bundles will be given to specific NPOs rescuing and saving the ocean and aquatic animals.

I did all the art and UI and made a simple prototype in Unity, displayed in the video. Since I have only a very little experience with coding and unity in general, I was able to make the prototype thanx to video tutorials made by Blackthornprod and Brackeys.

University: Tomas Bata University in Zlin. Digital Design Studio.