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Project Echoed World

Echoed World is a puzzle-based platformer, where mechanics and a story are bound together. The protagonist, Algiz, can no longer create life, but he can still manipulate with what has been already created. This process requires a lot of sacrifices to be made but is often the only way to traverse through a slowly dying world, where creations are turning against their creator.

The game was created as a student project during a series of workshops and tutoring organized by Pixel Federation and Slovak Design Centre. My responsibilities, apart from actively developing the game and story, were creating most of the 2D background assets, some playground assets, UI and Logo re-design, everything under the lead of our art director Maroš Herrer. I also 3D modeled, textured and animated the main character and the enemy, based on the character design by Daniel Kuklovsky.

The game is very short, so we decided to put it out for free on Steam:

Echoed World – Launch Trailer