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Project Handicats

Handicats game is one of my ongoing game projects currently on hold due to my low skills in programming and 3D animation, which I am slowly learning to do while I working on other projects.

Handicats game is a first-person cat simulator in which you play as a cat and your main goal is to cause as much destruction, chaos, and mischief as possible. However, there's a catch, each cat you can play as is based on a real handicapped cat from real sanctuaries which make each play session uniquely challenging. The main goal of this game is to spread awareness about special needs cats, support their adoption, and share a percentage of all profits with selected sanctuaries that take care of handicapped animals, especially cats.

The pictures you see here are previews from the first prototype and renders of the characters and some of the assets. All art assets, such as 3D models, the cats, logo, or UI was created by me.